Asset Protection Podcasts


Audio Podcast Asset Protection Planning
Type: Audio; Speaker: Jacob Stein

Description: From the underlying substantive law to practical aspects of asset protection planning (i.e., what works and what does not), this program will teach you everything you need to know about protecting your assets from plaintiffs and creditors. Mr. Stein, a leading expert in asset protection will cover specific planning strategies and solutions, including planning with community property, business entities and domestic and foreign trusts. In 2010, specific emphasis will be placed on protecting assets in a troubled economy, including protection from lenders and landlords holding personal guarantees.
Video Podcast Asset Protection Planning
Type: Video; Speaker: Jacob Stein

Description: A comprehensive 3-hour video presentation on asset protection planning, originally broadcast to a nationwide audience in January 2010. Covers the basics of asset protection, common collection techniques, fraudulent transfer laws, planning with community property, planning with LLCs and LPs, planning with domestic and foreign trusts and planning for retirement plans.
Audio Podcast Asset Protection In A Troubled Economy
Type: Audio; Speaker: Jacob Stein

Description: A 90-minute audio presentation on asset protection planning presented by Jacob Stein to a nationwide teleconference in November 2009.
Audio Podcast VoiceAmerica Interview
Type: Audio; Speaker: Jacob Stein

Description: A 60-minute audio presentation on the basics of asset protection presented by Jacob Stein during a VoiceAmerica interview.


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I had the pleasure of working with Jacob Stein in setting up a business entity for my new business. I found the experience to be absolutely positive. Jacob easily answered all my questions in an easy to understand manner, explained the most difficult legal concepts, got the work done quickly, and was very humble and respectful of my needs through the entire process. I greatly appreciate his work.

— Sunil Bhaskaran, Santa Cruz, CA