Practical Primer and Radical Approach to Asset Protection

Estate Planning by Jacob Stein Estate Planning, June 2011

Jacob Stein's latest article puts a radical and new twist on asset protection planning. Taking an honest and practical approach, the article delves beyond mere legalities and explores how asset protection really works in practice.
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Jacob Stein Published in The Daily Journal

Estate Planning Daily Journal, December 2010

The Emotional Consequences of Asset Protection
This year has been an emotional rollercoaster for our clients. As asset protection attorneys, we represent a great many people facing financial adversity. Our clients often come to us in a very depressed and disturbed state of mind. It is hard not to get emotionally involved in their problems…
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Jacob Stein Interviewed by Robb Report

Estate Planning, September 2010 speaks with asset protection specialist Jacob Stein, Esq. of Klueger & Stein, LLP in Los Angeles about the importance of protecting valuable assets, such as your private residence, rental real estate, investments and retirement plans.
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McCourt Divorce Shines A Light on Asset Protection

Estate Planning by Jacob Stein

Los Angeles Daily Journal, September 2010

Asset protection has significantly gained in prominence over the past few years. The declining fortunes of real estate developers and investors facing personal guarantee calls, coupled with business owners teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, resulted in a boom for this industry.
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Asset Protection May Risk Fraudulent Transfer Violations

Estate Planning by Jacob Stein

Estate Planning, August 2010

Last-minute asset protection planning can frequently run afoul of the fraudulent transfer laws. This article will help advisors determine when a transfer may be "fraudulent" and what would be the likely consequences of such a transfer to the client and to the attorney.
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Tilting at Windmills

Tilting at Windmills by Jacob Stein

Business Entities, May/June 2008

California's Treatment of A Foreign Jurisdiction's Series LLCs.
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California Registration Requirements for Foreign LLCs

California Registration Requirements for Foreign LLCs by Jacob Stein

California Tax Lawyer, Summer 2008

The question of California registration comes up often when foreign limited liability companies are used as holding companies for California legal entities, or own passive assets in California like bank accounts and non-income producing real estate.
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Legal Strategies to Protect Your Properties

Legal Strategies to Protect Your Properties by Jacob Stein

Real Estate Investor, October 2007

Most plaintiffs and creditors simply give up the chase when confronted with an asset protection structure.
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Asset Protection as a Line of Defense

Asset Protection as a Line of Defense by Jacob Stein

Real Estate Southern California, September 2007

Developers and investors will always be targets of lawsuits. The only way to change that is by removing a plaintiff's financial motivation.
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Asset Protection for Orthodontists

Asset Protection for Orthodontists by Jacob Stein, April/May 2007

Although orthodontists represent only 7% of all dentists in the United States, they face a disproportionately large number of malpractice lawsuits. This is true for anyone in the medical field who performs a large number of procedures.
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Asset Protection for Doctors

Asset Protection for Doctors by Jacob Stein

Plastic Surgery Products Magazine, February 2007

This article provides a comprehensive overview of asset protection for doctors. It focuses on the most practical asset protection strategies and examines the most commonly used structures. For each asset type, different alternatives are discussed and compared.
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The Importance of Trusts in Asset Protection

The Importance of Trusts in Asset Protection by Jacob Stein

California Trusts and Estates Quarterly, Winter 2007

In this well-received article, Jacob Stein examines the crucial role that trusts play in asset protection and advises on how trusts should be drafted to maximize their asset protection effectiveness. The article also includes a thorough examination of foreign trusts and recent cases in that arena.
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A Practical Take on Charging Orders

A Practical Take on Charging Orders by Jacob Stein

RIA, Business Entities Magazine, September/October 2006

One of the most comprehensive articles ever written on charging orders. The article examines charging order history, variances in state laws, uniform laws and various concerns.
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Advanced Asset Protection and Tax Planning with LLCs

Advanced Asset Protection and Tax Planning with LLCs by Jacob Stein

Los Angeles Lawyer, June 2006

In this exhaustive article, Jacob Stein examines such issues as LLC charging orders, series LLCs, foreign LLC structures, drafting issues and tax planning concerns. This article is an exhaustive reference on many LLC issues.
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Planning With LLCs

California Registration Requirements for Foreign LLCs by Jacob Stein

California CPA, August 2005

From the time limited liability companies came into prominence, practitioners have been working to maximize their asset protection, business flexibility and tax advantages, among other benefits.
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Tax-Free Exchanges and Fractional Interests: TICs, Tax, Go!

California Registration Requirements for Foreign LLCs by Jacob Stein

Orange County Lawyer, August 2003

Jack was fast approaching his "golden" years, and following the advice of his attorney/CPA/financial planner was looking to diversify his only asset, a 30,000 square-foot shopping center. Having made his living off real estate, Jack was not interested in pork belly futures, blue-chip stocks or aircraft leases; hewas looking to diversify into real estate.
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